May 5, 2021

5 Tips For Storing Your Items In Newcastle Storage Facilities

When you are moving your items from your home to Newcastle storage facilities, you don’t want any of the items to break or become damaged while they are in storage. It isn’t uncommon for some items to fade or to become mouldy when they are in storage for long periods of time, so storing them properly is essential to having your stuff last for as long as it possibly can. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you are moving your stuff from your house to a Newcastle storage facility.

Disassemble Furniture if Possible

If it is possible at all to disassemble your furniture, then doing so before moving it to a Newcastle storage facility will help to ensure that your items don’t break during transit. When the item is moving is when it is most susceptible to damage, and if that item is already assembled, then the amount of pieces damaged will increase significantly. Breaking it down and moving the smaller pieces will protect the products and keep you from breaking your stuff.

Clean Everything

Home stuff inside a Newcastle storage

Before you move your items into storage for a long period of time, it helps if those items were cleaned before they were put away. Cleaning the items before you put them away will prevent mould from forming and getting everywhere. Once mould starts to form, there’s no stopping the spread until you come back and clean it out, so making sure that your items are clean before putting them away in storage will help prevent a mould outbreak. On top of that, it will help keep the products undamaged and keep the paint on the products looking nice and fresh for when you take it back out of storage at some point in the future.

Wrap Breakable Items

Wrapping your glass and other breakable items before putting them away in storage is necessary to making sure that you don’t break anything. Cleaning up items that break is not fun at all and items breaking is just something that happens when you are moving things from one place to another. If an item does break, if it is wrapped up then all of the pieces will be easy to dispose of and nobody will cut themselves on the broken pieces of glass.

Maintain Your Car Before Storage

If you are storing your car in a Newcastle storage facility, then it is recommended that you perform all the proper maintenance before putting it away in storage. Refill all of the fluids, get an oil change, make sure that all of the features are working and getting a car wash will help your car last longer while it is in storage. Also make sure that you fill up on gasoline before putting it in storage, as that will help prevent the gas that is in the car from going bad. Overinflating the tires and disconnecting the battery is also a good idea. If possible, taking the car out of storage and driving it at least once a month will make sure that everything stays good and running.

Store Everything Properly

There are some items out there that have certain requirements for storage. Making sure that you know how everything should be stored is necessary for the longevity of your products while they are staying at a Newcastle storage facility. If something shouldn’t stay in direct sunlight, then hiding that item in the middle of your storage unit will keep that product around for as long as possible. Some items shouldn’t be stored and it is best to talk with your storage centre about what can and cannot be stored there.

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