December 14, 2018

Best Art Installation around the world

The trend of art installations is spreading like wildfire – and we’re loving it! After all, who doesn’t like those larger than life, super cool, creative structures which just blow your kind off? And the best part is that now, we have entire exhibitions dedicated to these art installations! Imagine, walking through a host of these gigantic structures, your enthusiasm and awe increasing as you walk through them all! For all those art lovers, we’ve got the best art installations across the globe – which will definitely make you sweep your off your feet! Let’s take you through:

Bridging Home

Bridging Home, London

A huge traditional Korean house, complemented by a bamboo garden on one side – sounds picturesque right? But imagine this home landing right on London’s busiest streets! And especially when this street is surrounded by tall buildings that spell elegance and class? The sole objective behind this work of art was the artist, Do Ho Suh’s wish to project cultural diversity, something drawn from his personal experience – his journey as a migrant, struggling to cope up with the sudden change in cultures to the places he moved around the world. The Bridging Home may seem a misfit in the location it is installed, but holds a special place int he hearts of all those who can relate to it.

Prismatica, Montreal

The magnificent beauty of this work of art is at its best at night when the entire structure illuminates to create illusionary patterns that are a treat to the eye! Fifty glass prism structures are lit up with projectors inside them, and they are the ones that create mesmerizing patterns on these glass prisms. And no, this isn’t an all visual art installation- it has relevant audio to make enhance its beauty!

The Constellation, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

A dazzling art installation, the Constellation has many bright geometric shapes suspended from around 1000 tensioned cables! These 1300 geometric shapes are the whole and soul of this art installation, giving the required effect and sparkly overall look to this stunning work of art. And just to make sure the structure gets the light effect it so genuinely deserves, around 2000 lights were specially crafted – to illuminate this beautiful structure!

Incipit, Camerota

Situated against Italy’s picturesque shores, this art installation looks like it will vanish as it goes higher! Created out of wire mesh, the structure resembles remains of a building, which are inscribed with flying birds. Designed by Eduardo Tresoldi, this artwork speaks volumes and definitely sets you into thinking!

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