August 23, 2019

Don’t Fall Into This Trap When Purchasing Café Blinds: What To Look Out For During Your Search!


Consumers can easily fall into a trap when they are seeking to acquire quality café blinds for their home.

Whether it is to save money, to save on installation hassles or simply because it was the first item they came across, there are shoppers who don’t do their homework ahead of time.

Here we will outline some key examples where homeowners let themselves down.

Don’t Limit Your Search

The first error that most consumers fall into with their purchase of café blinds is settling for the initial brand that they come across and end up limiting their search. Of course there is the possibility that this outlet does have the right item at the right price, but shoppers are always better placed when they have more knowledge at their disposal. Perhaps there are companies who provide the same product but include free shipping, or maybe there are outlets who have to shift stock and will be marking down the price. The wider the search, the greater the possibility of finding the right blind that ticks all of the relevant boxes.

Don’t Settle For Poor Quality Due To Price Convenience

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Café blinds might look aesthetically pleasing when fitting into an outdoor patio or within a décor establishment, but they also serve a very functional purpose. This can include blocking out harmful UV rays, controlling the temperature of a room or environment and withstanding freezing cold temperatures, stifling heat, heavy rain and strong winds. If the price of the material is considered cheap, then there is the possibility that it was cheaply manufactured and therefore fails to offer the requisite quality assurance that consumers need. Bargains can be found and no one should be forced to pay full price, but bargains can also be a means of moving unsatisfactory stock.

Don’t Invest In a Hard To Clean Product

If café blinds are purchased before considering their maintenance and conditioning needs, then the consumer has likely made a significant mistake that will cost them time and money to rectify. Much of this domain will be dependent on the type of fabric or material that has been obtained. Some will only require general vacuuming to return to a quality condition whilst others will need a stronger detergent for stains and a buildup of dust and debris. Should this exercise be continuous and a struggle, that is a red flag for homeowners who suddenly create a headache from what should be a major asset.

Don’t Overlook Importance of Installation Assistance

There will be user-friendly low maintenance café blinds that are as easy to setup as a generic kitchen table package. Yet there will be others that require a more delicate touch to include remote controls and motors that are automated. This is where a brand provider should be offering installation services as part of their package. If there is any concern for consumers who do not have this aptitude to install the goods on site, it must be addressed with the business directly.

Don’t Rush The Purchase Before Considering The Colour Contrast

The colour contrast is one of the last domains that should always be considered when examining café blinds. There are two distinct approaches that are widely deemed to be best practice in this setting. One is to source an item that is sleek, modern and minimalist in its design that embraces a neutral colour tone. The other avenue is to opt for a colour scheme that ties in with the surrounding picture, from the pergola to the foliage, paint colour and pattern of the landscape in the front or backyard of the property. If there are extravagant colour tones or dark blinds that are purely functional, it can prove to be a barrier.


Customers that do their homework with café blinds and apply some commonsense to the search will always be better placed than their peers who rush to a purchase. Avoid falling into these traps when looking through various online and offline outlets and talk to a professional who has experience in the industry first.

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