March 8, 2021

Eye Spy With My Little Eye – Here Are The Perfect Women’s Glasses For You

Need a pair of spectacles to make your eyes pop? We have a set of women’s glasses good for pimping up your vision. Here are a few eye-catching options from our women’s glasses section that is perfect for you!

Eight best items in our women’s glasses section

Woman wearing one of the best women's glasses

Fisher 2386 C3

Want a look that says smart but subtle? For the cheap price of $29, you can have women’s glasses that will frame your face nicely with the Fisher 2386 C3. With its earth-toned colours and ruffled pattern, this is a look that will blind the eyes of anyone in the vicinity. Its round frame and smooth finish will ensure you will have glasses that will fit like it was made for you.

Shannon C02

These Velma inspired spectacles, the Shannon C02, is made with a metallic frame and tortoise-shell pattern making it quite the standout. Its maroon colour creates a vibrant intensity that says, “look at me!” These are nose pads and plastic armrests adding comfort to relax your face. This spec from our women’s glasses section is for a girl who is not afraid to follow her own drum.

Fisher 2397 C6

Do you think pink? With our Fisher 2397 C6 spectacles, your eyes will be radiant as its bright colour will focus everyone’s attention to your face. The tapered arms and smooth finish will ensure a well-adjusted fit on the nose and sides of the face. These shades from our women’s glasses section are one not to miss.

Weldon X3516 C02

Are you a grandma at heart? For those who love a retro and loud look, we have the Weldon X3516 C02 to fulfil all your needs. Its teal shading and cat-eye frame makes it a winner look. These shades are for a girl who does not follow traditions and carves out her own path. Make your own destiny with these specs from the women’s glasses category.

Elke LA027 C4

This one is a showstopper! The Elke LA027 C4 from our women’s glasses section is a keeper for those looking for a pair that you can’t find anywhere else. Its multicoloured pattern reminiscent of tie-dye t-shirts adds to the groovy hipster look of these shades. The colours give it zest and burst of flavour perfect for the Summer season.

Fisher 2406 C8

Transparent glasses are in and so will you be with this look. The Fisher 2406 C8 from our women’s glasses are square-framed transparent glasses that will frame your face nicely. This look is for the cool girl who owns any room she walks into. These shades are subtle complimenting your face and making you able to wear this with any look to pair it with.

Carrera CA6660 VZ4

In search for a look that will add a pop of colour to your face? With the Carrera CA6660 VZ4, the electric red and metallic frame adds to the vibrant look of these shades. These spectacles include soft nose pads making it easy to wear every day. Here we have a shade from our women’s glasses section that will knock the socks out of everyone in the vicinity of it.

At Optically, we have an abundant range of options from our women’s glasses section to tailor to your needs. With many different styles, patterns, colours, and prices, we have shades to suit any kind of woman. All our glasses include a frame with soft nose pads and tapered arms to ensure you have spectacles that sit comfortably on your face.

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