November 14, 2018

Cool Gadgets of 2018

The RED Smartphone

In the year 2017, the cinema camera producing company RED announced that it was developing a mobile device with an in-built holographic screen. The consumers of the product were not sure of what it meant until September in the year 2017. The smartphone will give us a 3D viewing experience on the screen, even project things like landscapes and building on an interactive map. The user of the mobile device can take a virtual tour using the mobile screen by looking around, behind, above or even between individual objects. The smartphone is available for pre-order and comes with a price tag of $1,195. There is no official release date set for the device, but the company promised the users it would be out sometime in the year 2018.

RED smartphone

Amazon Go Stores

In the year 2018 Amazon opened their first Go store in Seattle, Washington. The story is called as “future of grocery shopping,” and it is equipped with special sensors and cameras that can track on which items customers take or even put back. The store even as an App called the Amazon Go App, it automatically charges customers after they exit the Amazon Go store.

A Wristband That helps you find out If You’re Too Drunk To Drive

No should drink and drive, and it can be very difficult to monitor the blood alcohol level in your body without taking a breathalyzer test. Even though there are small breathalyzers available in the market, they are clumsy and very awkward to use in public. There is a solution to this problem; a wearable wristband is developed to analyze your blood alcohol content by using your skin. The creators of Proof managed to earn twice on what they were asking after there launch of a successful crowdfunding campaign. The wristband is set to be out in the market in the year 2017.


Microwaves was an invention that provided convenience for the people who are looking to heat their food when it is cold. The firgondas helps you to cool down your food; it is the most amazing home kitchen technology ever released in the past decade. The microwave can cool and freeze any food or drinks in a few minutes. While the product is still not released, it assumed that the product would hit the United States market soon.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses

These devices are far from different from a new invention. The glasses can project information towards your retina as you go through your day. The cameras, microphones, extra appendages and microphones have given the glasses a bit of an eyesore. These glasses look exactly like regular glasses and are also available in various prescription lenses. The users can enjoy the benefits of the glasses throughout your day without even attracting unwanted stares.

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