August 29, 2019

How Australian Companies Should Approach The Purchase of Commercial Solar Panels

Australian companies are in one of the most lucrative and privileged positions when it comes to investing in commercial solar panels.

Domestic outlets have been at the forefront of innovation in this industry thanks to our unique landscape and desire to be market leaders across the globe.

Despite all of the advantages of investing in these designs, there is still something of a breakdown between the commercial sector and the solar industry.

Managers and business owners alike don’t arrive to the task with a great amount of experience and expertise.

Whilst this is understandable in some quarters, it is key for those parties to know what is best practice when deciding on an outlet that meets their requirements.

Purchase From Reliable Brand Provider

Step number one is simple for Australian businesses investing in commercial solar panels – purchase them from a reliable provider. Check their online ratings and reviews for user feedback, speak to other organisations who have used their system and cross-reference their credentials in the marketplace. This will offset any red flags that could emerge later and cause a great deal of pain, frustration and money.

Scour The Market

There will be more than one provider of commercial solar panels in the area. Even for a business based in a rural region of the country, there will be different brands that can assess the conditions of the premises and offer a solution that will be suitable for their needs. More outlets will be present in suburban and metropolitan locations, but thanks to the Internet there are no barriers for consumers who want to expand their search to different markets. This is a domain that should be assessed like any exercise that requires a significant investment – gather a variety of quotes, place them side-by-side and make an informed decision based on the terms of service.

Use The Transition To Promote Green Brand Image

It should be considered a wasted opportunity for Australian companies if they do not leverage the inclusion of commercial solar panels on their premises. This is a chance to push an eco-friendly green brand image that can be great content for marketing endeavours. By building a core consumer base and corporate partners, the transition to this type of energy system can venture far beyond saving some dollars on the power bill. In 2019 domestic organisations can be put under pressure when they are asked about their policies to reduce levels of waste, pollution and combat climate change. When approaching this exercise, ensure that it is not lost on those who can take note of the upgrade.

User-Friendly Features First

The more participants within the organisation who know how the commercial solar panels work, the less opportunity there will be for errors or oversight on site to occur. This is where user-friendly features will come in handy, offering automated technology that gives all employees a chance to read performance levels and ensure there are no barriers to sourcing energy for the premises. Smart technologies have been rolled out where phone apps and website analysis can be sourced, but they should offer guidelines that are easy to read and assess without being bogged down in the detail of the analysis.

Ensure There Are Appropriate Tax Incentives

Australian companies still need to balance their budget despite all of the benefits that come with the installation of commercial solar panels. Thankfully the federal government have been heavily involved with this domain, offering local organisations a chance to access tax incentives that offset the initial installation and servicing costs for the project. They are motivated by the need to have residents and enterprises alike less reliant on public grid use, so the sooner this switch can happen for the public sector, the better served all parties will be.

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