February 28, 2020

The Cultural Influence Of Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

woman wearing a bikini

Culturally speaking, different types of swim wear is appropriate in different parts of the world. Sometimes, these restrictions can stem from religious beliefs. In Brazil, thong swimsuit bottoms are commonly worn to reveal the backside buttock cheeks. In other words, thin swim wear that is tight and revealing. Western cultures like the United States or Australia, prefer covered bottoms with a healthy strip of material to cover both the front and bottom areas.

Islamic clothing rules dictate that women wear full body garments, in some extreme situations everything but the slit in their eyes. This religious head covering is called a hijab. The word itself symbolises a barrier or protection often linked to the ideal of shielding a man’s wife from other men.

Clothing needs to adapt to various purposes. As such instances of a created burkini to match cultural needs we established, as reported, to promote freedom rather than removing it. Support for such initiatives is increasing with Sports Illustrated having even featured the burkini on the front cover of one of their editions.

In such a sense cultural affiliation is important when exploring thong swimsuit bottoms. Because throughout most of South America, the beach represents a lifestyle and not a simple outing for a few hours. Which also means that anytime of day is appropriate to head. Not that that’s a bad thing. The beach is often prettiest at sunrise or sunset.

Rather than even using a towel, a sarong can be used to cover oneself. Less is usually more in this social situation as all the essential items you need can be easily purchased. The general rule of thumb literally seems to be less is more. Yet regardless of how small and tiny, bikini tops always stay on. Thong swimsuit bottoms on many look comically small, rendering them practically useless. All in all it does help that Brazilians are beautiful people.

Western culture has mixed opinions about thong swimsuit bottoms. Because of the degree of freedom for expression these countries permit, different in its use will vary depending on the individual. Some of these decisions may draw upon consideration of one’s body shape, the type of image they wish to curate for themselves, the current weather and more, including more practical elements such as what activities you might engage in.

It is also true that today’s social media culture has had a cultural influence in thong swimsuit bottoms. In a desire to stick out from others or attract attention both online and in public, thinner designs are permeating more of todays market.

With all things considered, the typical bikini is bare enough. It leaves many to wonder how much further they can push the limits. Whilst bottoms have largely remained uniform apart from material size on the back, some tops are doing little more than covering the nipple region.

Of course, we are looking some of the extreme cases. Where you may travel as a local is likely to have a completely different composition, as it will reflect the community you live in. Isolated beaches, or those with less children, or groups where young adults are trying to pine over each other, such as during spring break periods will exacerbate these extremes.

Its possible that fashion choices can revert. Waist high thong swimsuit bottoms could become trendy again. After all, the elastic tends to stretch and warp with heavy use causing slippage. Clothing only works as well as you look after them. Which is why we suggest always rinsing off beach clothing after each use. Ideally with a gentle handwash scrub.

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