June 14, 2021

The Do’s And Don’ts When Visiting A Mechanic

Mechanic using a workshop equipment to check the car engine

If you have a care, then it is pretty certain that at some point you will have to take your car to a mechanic. Some people put off taking their car to a mechanic because they don’t think the problem is that big or they can sort out the problem themselves, or even they think the issue will resolve itself. This is almost never the right thing to do (unless you are a mechanic yourself) as it can result in bigger (and more expensive) issues.

The mechanic will have the right workshop equipment to deal with whatever issue you have, whether it is big or small. When you head into the mechanics there are some important things you should do and others that you shouldn’t ensure you get the best service and the mechanic has a full understanding of what the problem is. If you lie about the problem or how it happened, it means the mechanic may not be able to do their job properly.

So, have a read on below at some of the most important do’s and don’ts you should always remember when visiting a mechanic:

Do Communicate Properly

As was touched on in the introduction, communication is really important when you visit a mechanic. You need to be truthful with your explanation of what the problem is with your car, how the problem occurred in the first place, and how long you have had this problem.

Try to explain the issue as well as you can, and listen when the mechanic explains it back to you, so you know they understand what the problem is. It is also important to listen to them as they could offer suggestions to ensure the same problem doesn’t keep reoccurring.

Don’t Set Unrealistic Timeframes

If you aren’t a mechanic then you probably won’t know how long certain problems will take to be resolved. So, something you should never do is set unrealistic timeframes, or even have a timeframe goal before you visit the mechanic.

There is nothing more annoying for a mechanic to hear “Oh, why can’t you just get it done today”. If you want a quick service, then shortcuts may take place, which could cause the issue to reoccur or even get worse. Also, a quality mechanic will always try to give their best estimate of a timeframe, but sometimes unforeseen things occur, so you have to be prepared that it may change.

Do Leave The Mechanic Alone

Workshop equipment

If you are around while the mechanic is looking at your car or fixing it, try not to hover around them or get in their space. This is one of the things that mechanics get annoyed with the most.

You getting in their way is not helping anyone, but you should still be close in case they want to ask you any questions or if they do want to show you something. Try just going into the waiting room and leaving them alone to do their job.

Don’t Drop Off a Messy Car

They are mechanics, not car cleaners, so make sure when you are dropping off your car, it is tidy. By no means does your car have to be spotless, but it is a good idea to just give it a little tidy, inside and out.

Make sure you remove any of the rubbish lying around and if your car is dirty on the outside, giving it a little spray down couldn’t hurt. You should also clean out the boot of your car as well, as access to this area of your car is sometimes needed.

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