May 20, 2021

Tips To Find The Best Criminal Lawyer, Melbourne

Typically, when you want to hire a criminal defence lawyer, you are in a little bit of a rush and want to get the best defence that you possibly can. To get the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne, you need to do a little bit of research on every lawyer near you and find out as much as you can about them before you hire them.

Search Online

Finding the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne isn’t too difficult for you to do. There are a few ways to find any lawyer, but finding the best one can be a little bit challenging. Go to Google and search for “best criminal lawyer Melbourne” and see which options you have. Of course, most of these lawyers are just advertising what they are doing and trying to get their name out there, so this alone won’t be the best way to find the best or the right criminal lawyer in Melbourne for you.

Check their Credentials

best criminal lawyer in Melbourne giving advice to a client

Every lawyer out there has a speciality; some specialise in criminal defence, some specialise in corporate law, some specialise in family law, and many other kinds of law. Finding one that specialises in the criminal side of the law will get you one that has success in criminal law. There are a few different ways that you can check a lawyer’s credentials in Melbourne.

Check the Australian Lawyers Directory

Checking the Australian Lawyers Directory for a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is a great way to find one that not only fits your needs but is a way to find a lawyer specific to what your needs are. The problem with using these sorts of directories is that you won’t find much about the lawyer and how they practice, just what they practice.

Search the Lawyer’s Website

Reading the lawyer’s website will give you the information that you need about the lawyer. A lawyer practising criminal law won’t tell you that they practice family law if they don’t practice that sort of law. Again, this isn’t that great of a way to find the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne, to check a lawyer’s credentials.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews about the lawyer can help quite a lot. Even if a legal professional doesn’t get you entirely off the hook, people will be happy that their lawyer knocked their five-year prison sentence down to one-year probation and some community service. They will often post about their experiences with that lawyer.

Find One with Clear Pricing

Lawyers can get expensive, no matter what, and you likely aren’t going to find one that will work pro-bono for you. Finding a transparent pricing lawyer and won’t rip you off is a good indicator that they are a lawyer that will work for you and aren’t just using you for more money in their pockets.

Find A Local Lawyer

Finding a local lawyer that often appears in the courts and knows the judges well will help you out tremendously in your case. Typically, when it comes to criminal law, a lawyer isn’t looking to go to trial, and bargaining plea deals is what they are likely doing on a daily basis. The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne is only the best lawyer in Melbourne, not anywhere else, strictly because they know the judges and people who work in the court system well.

Find One that Takes Direction

Yes, lawyers will advise you to act a certain way, but ultimately you are the one hiring them. If they can take your instructions and work with them rather than doing it all their way, you will have a lot more success and will feel a lot better about hiring them in the end.

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