October 23, 2018

Ways to relax the mind

Don’t get too needy about relaxation

If you cannot learn to unwind or relax once in a while, do not get overstressed then. Remember that some kids and adults are trying their best to unravel. If they can do it, why can’t you? Do not try too hard to relax which will end up leading to stress again, instead just let go by loosening yourself up. In simple words, hug your worries, befriend them, focus on your breathing and try to be at utter and total peace. If you are stressed or tensed, allow the tension to settle in. Restrict yourself from fighting as it is the fighting which obstructs you from unwinding.

Over relaxed

Relax your focus

Tend not to pay attention to anything in particular, instead think about abstract. Learn and practice the art of yoga. Yoga teaches you to focus at any one point while restricting your mind from making rules and enabling it to ease at a smooth pace.



Accepting something or anything as it comes is often identified as the miracle way to relax. Whatever may be happening in your life, regardless of good or bad, learn to accept it. Do not struggle or fight with what is happening in your life as you will only end up exhausting yourself. Learn to take things the way they are and the fact that nobody can control what is happening around them.

Do not chase perfection

Majority of people got tired and stressed from their unrealistic wish list and high expectations. Today we live in a world, where social media dictates on how we should live which is quite silly and utter rubbish. Not everyone wants to live that life, and everyone has different objectives and goals. To avoid such unnecessary tension, tend to set your targets in a realistic manner and standards low. This way there will be much lesser tension, pain, and disappointment. Conquer your emotional suffering by eliminating negative attitudes and limiting beliefs. Tend to shift from fear to freedom. Simplify your life goals, do some habit restructuring and learn to be okay with not doing so well and encountering disappointments.


Hug certainty

Learn how to deal with changed plans and make uncertainty your best friend. Do not try to control your life too tightly with objectives, goals within a time frame all leading to unnecessary tension.  Instead, joyfully live life with no guarantees and take life to be an unknown destination and loosen up to life’s mystery.

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