February 17, 2021

What Is Mobile Sand Blasting?

You might have heard about mobile sandblasting, but you probably don’t really know what the process is all about or why you might use it. In its most basic sense mobile sandblasting is the process of forcefully blasting surface with air or abrasive materials to smooth a surface. Mobile sandblasting operations are portable which means workers can attend different locations to perform a range of tasks like debris removal, smoothing and engraving. There are many reasons why businesses might reach out to mobile sand blasting outfits and many great benefits to the process. Read on below to find out more.

Benefits of mobile sandblasting

There are a lot of great reasons to call a mobile sand blasting company. The primary advantage is that they are fully mobile and can attend just about every property. The equipment is quite scalable so many companies can undertake projects for a large range of industries – everything from blasting large mining equipment to dealing with graffiti on walls around town. Portable treatments are popular for preparing areas or items that are going to be painted or powder coated as the process can help to remove rust or other debris which could cause an uneven finish or may cause paint to flake away or peel off.

How does it work?

Most equipment works by blasting things like silica beads, glass beads, steel grits and other items forcefully with air, this can help to remove excess debris or layers on a surface such as paint or rust. High pressure air and fine abrasive materials are used safely within a blast chamber that is designed to keep dust at bay.

Can it help with rust?

Operator of mobile sand blasting trying to remove rust

Many people look into mobile sand blasting because they have rust issues on certain equipment, surfaces, tools or vehicles. These machines can help you to blast that rust away and prepare surfaces to be repainted. You may need to keep in mind that repairs may be required if the rust is severe and has caused damage to the item or surface.

Can it remove paint?

This process can be very, very effective for quickly removing old paint. It’s perfect for dealing with graffiti but also great for getting rid of large amounts of paint on commercial buildings; businesses can for instance have old marketing materials or paint removed on a large scale.

Is it expensive?

One of the great things about this technology is that it is extremely cost effective compared to alternatives. The cost will be dependent on a variety of factors including what you’re having blasted and how far a company will need to travel to perform the work. You can generally expect to pay most professionals between $50-$100 an hour. The abrasives required for your project will also affect the price as will the types of equipment that need to be used and how much clean-up is required. Some people will find the cost seems high, but other options can be much more expensive and much worse for the environment. Some chemical dissolvers of paint for instance can give of dangerous fumes and can be costly to use.

Is it dangerous?

There is some danger involved, much mostly for the people performing the work. It’s a process that can create a lot of dust and noise and so workers need to wear ear protection and the correct ear protection.

Hopefully this has answered some of your burning questions! There are many different types of equipment and uses for this technology. No matter what industry you’re in there’s a good chance that this could help you out.

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