November 25, 2020

What Types of Questions Will Family Lawyers Ask Their Constituents?

Client consulting to a family lawyer in Sydney

Constituents who book in for a consultation with family lawyers in Sydney know that they have to be open to dialogue that is productive.

By holding back key information and failing to be transparent, it will make the role of the solicitor more difficult as they work through the process.

This is where men and women should reflect on the types of questions they will be asked during the opening appointments, allowing them to provide clear detail without offering obscurities.

Let us outline what those questions will look like from the professionals.

Q: What Are The Basic Facts of The Case?

From the outset, family lawyers in Sydney have to establish the fundamentals:

* The who

* The what

* The when

* The where

* The why

Once these facts have been set out, the specialist and their paralegal operators have an opportunity to plan for the next phase. Rather than trying to analyse each domain in specific detail, this will be an open discussion that helps the participant to discuss the events leading up to the separation and whether or not there are children or other parties involved in the matter. This is the initial framework that representatives require to do their job and fulfill their side of the obligation.

Q: What is Your Current Family Situation?

Without delving too deeply into personal territory, it is important for family lawyers in Sydney to establish what is happening with their client in between consultations. From their work commitments that will inform how busy their schedule will be to their family situation including children, other partners and family members, this can dictate their motivations and potentially restrict how far they take the case. The individual has every right to limit what information they offer in these situations, but they will help the party when they are forthcoming with these details.

Q: Has The Case Already Taken a Mental & Emotional Toll? If So, To What Degree?  

The toll that family law cases can have on individuals is significant and it is not a subject that family lawyers in Sydney will gloss over lightly. If they are seriously struggling in this regard, who is their support network? If there are no other partners, family members, or friends talking the matter through, then they could be offered a referral to a mental health specialist. For men and women who are experiencing pain and anguish, that could be an issue that affects their behaviour during legal proceedings.

Q: What Do You Want From The Legal Outcome?

Ultimately family lawyers in Sydney are guided by their clients and their wishes. If the participant is looking to maximize the divorce settlement, receive long-term stock options, source property rights, enjoy more or less child custody entitlements, or simply want to end the process quickly and accept the terms from the other party, those demands should be communicated to the lawyer. They will be influenced by these wishes because their role is to represent their client. Their counsel and legal advice won’t always line up with those demands, but it is their job to provide that support.

Q: What is Your Budget?

How much money a client is willing to spend on the case and their representation is a question that family lawyers should pose to their constituents because it is a topic that will determine a lot about the professional relationship. Certain types of family lawyers in Sydney will be geared towards the top-end of the market while others will be happy to represent any citizen who requires assistance. By establishing how much money the individual is willing and able to spend, the sooner they can work with a specialist on an agreement that is sustainable and viable.

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