January 26, 2021

Why Go For Brisbane After Hours Doctor

Female Brisbane after hours doctor

Anyone can get sick or face a medical emergency anytime, and hence you need to have the contact of a Brisbane after hours doctor as well besides your regular general practitioner (GP) or specialist to help you at the time of emergency. This doctor provides medical care 24/7 without any appointment whenever you need it. Doctors are always in demand, and hence you must look for a Brisbane after hours doctor and clinic as there are many benefits of having contact with one.


They charge less

After-hours clinics and doctors are generally less expensive as compared to the specialist or GP. They are made to help in emergencies and hence usually are a better option financially.

Quick-relief in emergency

Instead of running to the hospital for an emergency like a minor fever, bruise, muscle pull-up, and other medical issues, you can always call a Brisbane after hours doctor for help or visit an after-hour clinic. You can get immediate help and get quick medical aid.

Get personal attention and care.

An after hours doctor can give you more personal attention and care as compared to visiting a hospital where there are many patients to be checked and need medical assistance. So if you need high-quality care and the full attention of your doctor, choose this service.

Quick contact

You know emergency rooms of hospitals are full of patients, and you might need to wait for your turn. If there is no chronic emergency condition, it is always better to take help from a Brisbane after hours doctor rather than the hospital where emergency rooms are full of patients. This will save your time and help you avoid the frustration that is faced due to long waitings.

No-appointment needed

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need an appointment, and hence you can freely take medical help whenever required. Even if you need medical care at night, you always know that you will get the treatment.

Tips for contacting Doctor’s clinic after hours

Before you contact a doctor at an after-hour clinic, please read these general tips that are really helpful.

Contact only in case you have a medical condition that is curable at the after-hour clinic.

As mentioned, contacting a Brisbane after hours doctor for minor ailments that are curable with medicines. For serious medical conditions like a heart attack or stroke, please do not waste time and contact hospitals immediately.

Be prepared with all you want to share with the doctor.

Either you make a call to the doctor or visit the clinic; please be prepared with all the important details you intend to share to save your time and the doctor’s precious time. Moreover, don’t assume that doctor will know everything by himself; share the medical history if needed to get the proper treatment.

Be ready for the visit.

This is possible that the doctor recommends you medicine on the phone, but if he suggests you visit even at midnight, don’t hesitate and go for it as it is for your good health. Face to face meeting is always good.

Thank your doctor

A simple thank you is always needed. In case you truly needed immediate help, and the after-hour doctor did the best to heal you and get you out from the emergency situation, you must say a thank you. Always remember that the doctor might have left his important task to help you, or you might have disturbed his sleep, etc. A doctor’s duty is tough, and you as a patient can make him feel good by saying nice words.

So, just remember the tips mentioned above whenever you contact after-hour medical care and need service. These are helpful to build a friendly relation with your doctor!

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